Trauma – As Seen Through The Eyes of a Survivor

My Name is Elizabeth...

I live captured. . .
My body patterned
with a life fabric
of searing cuts. . .
Broken chips of glass
fill my heart
Where I exist
emotional – less.
A void some call crazy,
some call selfish,
I call hardened. . .

Voiceless terror engulfs me. . .
Snarly darkness appears
As the shadow d i s a  p  p  e  a  r  s
in the cracked door of light.
And I, once again, am deserted by the
assigned to protect.

Out of the Darkness
A somber light
Appears in my heart
I question,"am I alive?'

Did the demonized face
Viciously Attack my soul?

As I rise to the ceiling
And look below
My body is lifeless
I want to
l  e  a  v  e
And never return.

It is Thirty Years later
I am alive
I did survive
I thrive
In unison
with angels
Who cradled me
Without abandonment…only LOVE

Germayne B. Tizzano, Ph.D.

© 2014. All Rights Reserved. Germayne Boswell Tizzano, Ph.D.

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