Self-Care Strategies for the Survivor. . . During These Changing Times

Self-Care Strategies for the Survivor. . .

During These Changing Times

•    Do Polarized Breathing - If you are having obsessive thoughts, based on real or imagined fears, breathe in deeply in one nostril to the count of five and then slowly out, same nostril, while holding the other. Reverse the cycle and watch your thoughts slow down and cortisol level diminish. Do the five breaths, five times. Try this in the middle of the night when you have racing thoughts, anxiety, or fear.

Ground Yourself

•    Ground Yourself, Ground Yourself – – Feel your feet on the floor. Tap, tap, tap. Rub your hands together. Shake your hair on the top of your head. Splash cool water on your face. Yawn. Scan with your hand the back of your neck to the front of your forehead. Look and touch your surroundings. If in private place, shout out in joy. Scream your lungs out. Laugh. Smile. Focus on one person, place or thing you feel gratitude for.

balloon•    Visualize Negative Beliefs in a Floating Helium Balloon Being Released into the Sky.

•    Brain Integration – Draw and follow the infinity sign with your eyes – forward (8X) and backward (8X) and thereby reduce your anxiety.

•    Check in With Your Intuitive Self - Ask a question using dominant hand and answer with non-dominant hand (access to your source/personal wisdom).

•    Take a Self-defense Class

•    Pattern Interruption – do something different than normally would such as walk, cup of tea, exercise, stretch, breathe, call a friend.

•    Acupressure Points to relieve anxiety and stress – back of neck points, etc.

•    Drink Water Regularly – Brains alone are 85% water. Adequate hydration help to prevent free radical damage, impaired flow of nutrients, chronic fatigue, constipation, fibromyalgia, mental confusion, and other chronic conditions. At least 8 glasses per day. (The Energy Prescription by Doug Childers) – clarity in thinking!

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