A Loving, Anniversary Tribute to My Husband, Mike

When the dark side
of the moon
casts no shadows,
You stand strong
by my side...
inspiriting me,
"I am here."
Your words
In the healing soul
of my Heart.

Our 1st Date –

It is Halloween.
10 miles hiked
Southeast Ohio
LOST. . .Yet still
we speak.
As we head to the road
with the sounds of cars.
It is very late.
A kind face at the farmhouse
drives us to safety.
I feel the warmth of
your arms.

Dad dies
s u d d e n l y.
You know me ONLY
3 ½ months.
"I will travel to NY
with you to
his funeral."
I lean on you and cry
endless tears.

5 Months –

The Q is asked.
I respond,
"Is this it?!!"
as we walk
under the stars
on a sandy beach
in Florida
barefoot in love.

10 Months –

We stand united
on the hottest day at high noon
in the recorded hottest month
of the Summer of "88
at the Historical mansion, The Bryn Mawr.
We are married 4 ever.

2 Years –

Our first ultrasound
I lie on the table.
I feel your hand
on my arm.
The doctor's eyes look
. . .towards you.
I see your
pale . . .very pale
face with fainting breath,
as he says,
"how many babies
do you want?"
Our eyes meet,
as we look
at the screen –
Flourish inside of me.
Thank you God for
these beautiful miracles of LIFE.

We continue
to hike up the
rugged path
of life. . .
rocks jarring
pebbles stumbling
sticking. . .
to our shoes
as we thrive
and learn together
to overcome and surpass
the challenges of life.

At the summit,
the prism of the sun
the colors
of lavender and
in the rainbow of
our journey
joined as one.
We have arrived.
New voyages lay ahead.
We embark on
the next seasons of our lives.
I love you Mike.
You are my soul mate,
adventure companion, lover
and best friend.

Love 4 ever, Germayne

© 2014. All Rights Reserved. Germayne Boswell Tizzano, Ph.D.

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