Questions to Assess Sexual Health Capacity

Questions to Assess Sexual Health Capacity

Women's sexual health capacity involves her ability and skills in developing and maintaining healthy, safe, and sober sexual relationships based on mutual trust, respect, and loving-kindness. Tailor designing a program with her that builds on her current strengths increases her confidence and communicates faith in her ability to have a healthy, intimate relationship.

Some questions to consider in ongoing assessment and planning include the following:

  • What are ways in the past that you have been able to engage healthfully in (intimate) relationships?
  • To what degree do you have an understanding and is able to manage your triggers linked to drug/alcohol use and trauma associated with your sexuality?
  • In what ways do you feel good about yourself, your body, and your self-image?
  • You are deserving of adoration and respect in your relationships. Self-deservedness does begin with you. What is one small step that you can take to ensure a kind act for yourself?
  • Are you aware of times that you have been able to communicate choice or boundaries with others? If so, with whom, under what conditions, and what situation(s)?
  • To what degree do you want or feel capable of an intimate relationship? And if so, what steps would you like to take to move in that direction?
  • What would be a safety plan that we can put in place if sexual trauma- or drug-linked triggers affect you?
  • What is a collaborative first move that you and I can take to help facilitate your sexual recovery?

The option exists for her to daily affirm her right to love, respect, and mutual compassion from a partner. She has you to affirm this with her.

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