Rejuvenation of Self: Stress Management Workshop

Am I Stressed??!!

The multiplicity of demands on the human service worker cannot be understated. Increased requirements for documentation, performance standards, caseload size, and needs of clients contribute significantly to worker burnout. Compound this with the stress of balancing home and work demands, and one can only wonder how the service worker maintains the necessary reserves to function.

This workshop will examine personal lifestyle patterns that enhance or diminish personal capacity to manage life stressors. Strategies, i.e., relaxation, laughter, and play, aimed at enhancing one’s quality of life will be defined. A personal plan of action will be developed.


By the completion of this workshop, the participant will:

  • Engage in high energy, lighthearted activities that will allow for self-expression and interconnectedness with others participants
  • Examine lifestyle patterns that enhance or inhibit the management of life stressors
  • Do a body scan to appreciate the importance of incremental tension in chronic health conditions
  • Explore the physical, mental, and emotional warning signals of stress
  • Learn a quick self-eliciting resource for relaxation
  • Demonstrate the potency of recalled experience in evoking the relaxation response
  • Appreciate the value of laughter and play in managing stress
  • Examine and develop a personal plan of action aimed at stress reduction across a range of lifestyle areas

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