The Wellness Workshop

("Please Don’t Tell Me To Drink Carrot Juice..."):

A Health Awareness Program for True Skeptics

The key to understanding one’s personal journey to health lies in discovering the internal compass that guides all of us towards playfulness and rejuvenation. We ALL have the power to live life to the fullest, NOT to be defined by cultural standards, but rather by OUR OWN STANDARDS.

This workshop gives you the opportunity to stretch the contours of your thinking and release (within safe limits) inhibitions, which block change. Come and sample a potpourri of media: music, art, play, and relaxation and in doing so, define your own standards and practices for healthful living. You then can make the CHOICE to LIVE BY THEM.

The objective is to place power within you. As part of this workshop, you will develop a plan of action that is incrementally based, self-directive, and realistic. Joy and nurturance is essential to the foundation of change in your health and wellness plan. Be excited in being you. Relish in your uniqueness…your special gifts… and embrace all that life has to offer to YOU!


  • To have fun, build a foundation of trust, and enhance networking opportunities among participants
  • To examine the impact of cultural values and personal experiences on one’s views on personal wellness
  • To identify simple measures that can be taken to enhance personal health
  • To provide an assessment for personal wellness and design an individualized, incremental, and manageable plan for enhancing one’s personal wellness
  • To recognize the role of stress in chronic illness and define measures to manage personal stressors
  • To explore the meaning of spirituality in one’s life

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