We All Work and Play in the Same Sandbox:

Tools for Understanding and Managing Stress

The rules of work are similar to the rules of the sandbox — show respect, be kind, and share with others. Yet, in the world of work, following these guidelines does not always guarantee joy and harmony. This workshop will examine the work culture and how unmet expectations and reality clash to create undue stress and turmoil. How to play well with others requires mastering the art of self-confidence and personal courage. Through this workshop, participants will learn ways to improve work relationships through effective communication and conflict-resolution skills. A focus will be on learning to cope with common difficult situations, i.e., co-workers who gossip, complain or grab credit, as avenues for personal growth and change.


By the completion of this workshop, the participant will:

  • Describe stated and unstated ways of behaving, organizational policies and procedures as a basis for the work culture
  • Define work culture and discuss the gap between expectations and reality as a source of stress
  • Identify the work culture they prefer and the work culture they’re presently in and determine the choices they have
  • State the benefits to conflict resolution within the work environment
  • Recognize strategies to deal with difficult situations
  • Identify a personal plan of action for addressing desired versus actual work culture

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