Sample: Your Sexual Journey Through Time . . .

Significant sexual events/experiences often shape how we see ourselves as sexual beings. This exercise provides you with a chance to reflect on yourself as a sexual person and how your values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors have been shaped by your personal journey through time.

You are asked to draw a horizontal line (see sample below) and begin with the date/place you were born. Identify and name those sexual experiences/events that YOU deem as noteworthy, momentous, major, and/or important. You may remember some of these occurrences as positive while others negative. Place the event above the line if affirming (+) or below if unenthusiastic, harmful, and/or unconstructive. Take your time and be kind to yourself. Take breaks and remember we all are on the journey of life with all of the lessons we have been gifted to learn. Focus on and jot down what feelings and thoughts come to mind as you reflect on your journey. How have your experiences shaped your views on sexuality? What has been the impact with respect to your work with women you serve?

Sexual journey sample

Your Sexual Journey Through Time Example

Sexual journey example

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