Sanctuary for Change

Helping You Change Behaviors and Touch Lives

A curriculum for women with histories of substance abuse and trauma and at high risk for HIV and sexually transmitted infections.

Sanctuary for Change is in innovative and engaging curriculum designed to help at-risk women make informed choices about their sexual health, this comprehensive and structured curriculum aims:

  • to educate women with histories of trauma and emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, and/or intimate-partner violence to identify barriers and safeguards.
  • to promote healthy sexual choices for women, so that they can experience safe and mutually respectful relationships; and
  • to enable women to develop an individualized program of sexual health recovery.

The Sanctuary program provides:

  • a user-friendly and step-by-step Facilitator Guide and an accompanying Participant Workbook;
  • the flexibility of an entire 32-hour program or an individual 2-hour program on a selected topic or combination of topics.
  • creative small-group exercises, hands-on activities and self-reflective tools.

This curriculum can be used at:

  • outpatient and residential substance abuse treatment centers;
  • women’s correctional programs;
  • community family planning centers;
  • women’s domestic violence shelters;
  • HIV outreach centers;
  • mental health centers;
  • city health department programs;
  • college and university women’s programs;

Sample Pages from the Participant Workbook and Facilitator Guide/Table of Contents

Highlights: The Curriculum - Sanctuary for Change Facilitator Guide and Participant Workbook

Over 100 Interactive Exercises to Promote Women's Healthy Sexuality including. . .

  • 14 Exercises Aimed at Enhancing Trust and Appreciating Differences
  • 19 Activities Affirming and Inspiring Positive Body Image
  • 10 Strategies Exploring One's Sexuality – Values, Attitudes, and Behaviors
  • 15 Opportunities to Acquiring Safer Sex Practices
  • 31 Exercises Promoting Healthy Relationships
  • 25 Activities Enhancing Communication and Risk Reduction Skills in Sexual Intimacy
  • 25 Opportunities Celebrating One's Authentic Self

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"Germayne Boswell Tizzano's curriculum, Sanctuary for Change: A Sexual Health Program for Women in Recovery, addresses an important aspect of women's recovery–sexuality. This topic is often ignored in traditional treatment, yet it is a common trigger for women's relapse. This curriculum helps women to come together to share and talk abou their feelings, experiences, and challenges regarding their sexual health. This is a contribution to the addicition field."

Stephanie S. Covington. Ph.D., LCSW
Author: A Woman's Way through The Twelve Steps

First and foremost, Germayne Tizzano is an educator who provides safety and openness of mind and heart that allow her audiences to participate in the life-changing exercises and activities that she has designed, and which she tirelessly promotes. Her support and compassion for victims of sexual trauma are evident in her words and deeds; she lives what she teaches.

Muge Galin, Ph.D
Lecturer, The Ohio State University

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