Trainings and Consultation Services Offered by Dr. Tizzano

A vantage point from which community and public health professionals can gain far-reaching new outlooks on issues of sexual health, wellness, and more.

For your agency, staff, and clients, a variety of customizable workshops and publications are available to meet your precise needs including:

  • Sanctuary For Change
  • Customized On-Site Training and Teaching Services
  • New Curriculum Development and Design
  • Consultation Services On Health Issues and Programs Specific to Your Organization
  • Training of Trainer
  • Workshops and more…

A wide-ranging panorama of on-site training and consultation services in areas that encompass the following:

  • Sexual Health for Women with Trauma and Substance Abuse Histories
  • Sexual Recovery
  • The Intersection of HIV and Intimate Partner Violence
  • Body Image and Awareness
  • Wellness/Health Promotion
  • Stress Management
  • Communication and Professional Development

Find out how you can put the expertise of Dr. Tizzano to work for your organization. To discuss your particular needs, contact us today or by phone (614) 448-7623 or e-mail.